Weightloss, indigestion, athlete's foot
I was about 10 lbs overweight, and for a postman like me, that was a problem. Also suffering from terrible indigestion for several years. Dr. T gave me some herbs and a few acupuncture treatments. The indigestion went away after two weeks and I lost about 15 lbs. Then the doctor noticed my athlete's feet. He gave me a herbal liniment and my feet have been fine since then. Now when I have any problems, I just see Dr. T. He always takes care of my problems easily and effectively. 
By Brian - May 4, 2010

Acid Reflux Cured!
I suffered from acid reflux. My doctor told me it would never go away, that I would always require medication and need to sleep on an incline. Dr. Tennenbaum has been treating my condition with acupuncture and herbal remedies. Within weeks I stopped the prescription medication and have had no symptoms for the last two months. The treatments have been simple and painless. I feel great! 
By Michael - Apr 29, 2010

Irritable bowel and diverticulitis
After a long time of dealing with irritable bowel syndrome and a session in the hospital with diverticulitis, I was referred to Dr. Dan. I have been feeling great and symptom free for three months now. His acupuncture and herbal medicine treatments have done wonders for me. I am very thankful! Now we are working on my headaches. 
By Mary K - Apr 27, 2010

Just say No! to root canals
Since 1998, Dr. T. is my go-to practitioner when my body needs attention. Recently, I had serious tooth pain - this was right next to a previously cracked tooth that had an emergency crown and root canal less than a year earlier. The endodontist said I would need root canals and crowns in two teeth. Instead, I went to see Dan. After one treatment and a week of tasty Chinese herbs served as a tea twice a day, the pain was GONE. I had the herbal treatment again a month later, and I have been pain-free since. Dr. T., with his practice of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, saved me the painful ordeal and the significant cost (several thousand dollars) of what turned out to be unnecessary root canals. We see Dan for acute conditions like this, and for maintenance tune-ups to STAY healthy. 
By Bridget - Apr 16, 2010

No More Migraines
I've been plagued by migraines ost of my life and the best cure I found was pushing a can of frozen coke against the back of my neck. I started seeing Dr. Dan because he became a client of mine and I thought I'd give acupuncture a try. I'm sold! Since I started seeing Dr. Tannenebaum my migraines have become less frequest and when I do have them they are less intense. I highly recommend him to anybody seeking to relieve stress migraines. 
By Alexander - Apr 12, 2010

No more annoying back PAIN!
Amazing what a few tiny needles in skilled hands can do for my lower back pain. Wish I had tried this years ago. Thanks Dr. T. 
By Sunny - Apr 1, 2010

Plantar fasciitis
I had a bad case of Plantar faciitis for years my regular Doctor only gave me pain medicine and Dr Dan fixed the problem in only 5 treatments and I have been pain free in both feet for two years now! 
By Lonny - Apr 19, 2010
Stomach flu/Canker sore
I had a terrible stomach pain, then I felt nauseated and had very bad diarrhea. Luckily Dr. T worked next door to our clinic. He immediately diagnosed a stomach flu and he got me some tablets. "Take 4 tablets twice a day for a few days and you'll be fine" he said. After I took the tablets only ten minutes went by and my diarrhea and stomach pain stopped. I felt fine for the rest of the day.
About six month later I had a huge canker sore on my tongue. I could only talk with a slurred speech. It hurt to talk and especially to eat. Again I went to see Dr. T. He made an herbal tea for me, which helped a little bit. So he went into his pharmacy and put together some awful tasting powder. He directly put it on my canker sore, and immediately the pain was greatly decreased. The tongue almost felt numb. The next day it had all healed up.
by Qlexus

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